Senior Front-End Engineer (React)


Corva AI is a technological product company from Texas that creates cutting edge as-it-should-be analytical platform for Oil’n’Gas. Its mission is providing real-time analytics from all possible aspects for every technological process. With providing this solution Corva has become a real innovator in this field. Within only 1.5 years in production, it has captured nearly 10% of the US market in its initial niche (drilling operations) and has strategic development contracts with top companies on the market like Exxon Mobile and Chevron.


For an end-user, Corva is a customizable dashboard with a great number of widgets, that provide real-time analytics to your 10” tablet (for people working afield) or 60” display (for people working in a center of control). Every widget is a front-end for a particular domain engineering model, that has its own computation core and data flow.

From the inside, the product is a framework that provides a holistic foundation for data processing: gathering, storing, processing, streaming and visualizing. The general idea of this framework is that new data applications (widgets, their computation cores and data flows) should be created in a short time (within one month or so).

Today the product has an incoming data flow of 10Tb and manages up to 100 mln API requests per day. The product manages about 200 of atomic factors and provides analytics on more than 50 domain engineering models (it is for drilling operations only). And this amount grows daily.

  • BA/BS in Computer Science or a related technical field (or equivalent practical experience)
  • 3+ years of commercial experience as a software engineer
  • Extensive experience in production-level design of rich internet applications
  • Strong proficiency in core JavaScript, its paradigms and optimization methods
  • Well-versed in front-end development, build and testing tools
  • Expert level in React.js and its ecosystem
  • Knowledge of data modeling principles
  • Strong command of English

  • Experience in designing of isomorphic applications
  • Experience in programming of web applications and services with Node.js, Ruby/Rails
  • Good leadership skills and experience of being a team leader

  • Making app-arch design decisions and writing high-quality code
  • Implementing best engineering practices and constantly updating the process of code quality management
  • For a team-leading role – managing the team and controlling the flow of tasks
  • Optimizing and upgrading the CI/CD process

  • Front-end: ES 6+, React/Redux, Immutable.js, Material UI, Highcharts, Webpack/Babel/Gulp, Nightwatch, Selenium, Appium
  • Mobile part: Native Android and iOS apps (application framework) + data visualization via WebView (dashboard canvas for widgets)
  • Backend: Ruby and Rails (web API for basic operations and data API for managing the dataflow), Node.js (data streaming services)
  • Data storage and flow: MongoDB (raw data storage), PostgreSQL (metadata and data models), Redis (caching and buffering), Kafka (a few layers of databus)
  • Infrastructure: AWS EC2/ECS/beanstalk
  • Computation core (AWS Lambda): Python, Java, .NET, JavaScript

  • Developing data visualization widgets for new data applications
  • Code profiling and optimizing its most loaded core parts
  • Updating internal visualization libraries
  • Рublic dev-center (public repo & docs for Corva API and dynamic configurator)
  • Notification wall (Facebook like visualization)
  • Team collaboration tool (with tasks management, notifications and support service integration)

  • Possibility of working remotely 2 days per week
  • Payment above the market rates
  • Taxes covering (by PE contract) and providing accountancy assistance
  • Vacations and sick leaves according to Ukrainian legislation
  • Business trips to United States (Houston)
  • Meaningful management and healthy culture
  • Bonus for relocation to Kyiv (if needed)

  • The product with a world class visualization and UX-design
  • No legacy code and no code support tasks
  • An american company with its business culture and established processes (not via outsourcing or outstaffing company)
  • Fresh techstack with a focus on its constant updating to the last versions
  • The product is a real-time application with a data-intensive front-end
  • The front-end part of the product is being managed by the Ukrainian team
  • High-level development process with a focus on long term planning, technical debt management and detailed tasks setting and code quality control