Senior Back-End Engineer (Node.JS)

 Required skills: 

  • BA/BS in Computer Science or related technical field (or equivalent practical experience)
  • 3+ years of commercial experience as a software engineer with Node/Express
  • Extensive experience in prod-level design and development of scalable web applications
  • Well-versed in data structures, algorithms, design patterns and architectural paradigms
  • Keen on data modelling and optimization methods in SQL and NoSQL environments
  • Experience with cloud infrastructure and knowledge of API for the most popular ones
  • In-depth knowledge of collaboration and deployment instruments and practices
  • Strong command of English


  • Experience programming web applications with Ruby/Rails and React/Redux
  • Good leadership skills and experience of being a team leader
  • Experience in managing intensive data flows (1TB+/day)
  • T-shaped skill-set

 Terms of work: 
  • Possibility of working remotely
  • Payment above the market rates
  • Taxes covering (by PE contract) and providing accountancy assistance
  • Vacations and sick leaves according to Ukrainian legislation
  • Business trips to United States (Houston)
  • Meaningful management and healthy culture
  • Bonus for relocation to Kyiv (if needed)

 Technical stack: 

  • Ruby and Rails (data API), Node.js (socket server);
  • Kafka (databus), Redis (caching), MongoDB (raw data), PostgreSQL (metadata);
  • React ecosystem on a front-end
  • AWS EC2/ECS/Lambda/beanstalk
  • Python, Java, .NET as Lambdas
 About company: 
Corva AI is all about real time monitoring and analytics software for engineering processes management for Oil & Gas. We are of those who employ modern big/fast data & machine learning to the earthling world of business and industry.

We design gaging equipment, collect data from it, compile it to the meaningful streams of engineering metrics, make sense of it via physical and ML data modelling and bring it via top-quality visualization to field engineers to help them to do their work better and better day by day.

Our guiding lights are ensuring processes safety, continuous operations and uncovering nontrivial insights. We really believe bringing new technologies to real life is all about it.


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